Patient Testimonials


I have been to several consultations and I found that Dr.Lee Corbett had what I was looking for. He had the confidence and the compassion behind his work. His staff was very kind and helpful in every way. I was able to ask questions and they understood and listenened. I was nervous about my Mommy Makeover procedure, but they were comforting and were glad to show me pictures. Now 6 months later I have more than what I expected. The staff took the extra time to explain the whole procedure to my husband. He was more understanding of what was going on. Took the time to answer all his questions. Over in all his work is amazing the staff is amazing.

—Amanda gplus_word_108x30dp

I love Dr. Corbett! The staff are very friendly and very helpful. My experience was great and I would refer this office and physician to anyone! Pricing was great and so were the services! I had a breast lift and augmentation the only thing I would do different, at this time, I would have went with larger implants.

—Anonymous ucompare

Dr. Lee Corbett was an awesome surgeon from day one. Very quick and easy consult with friendly staff. I can not imagine having better results for my breast augmentation with any other surgeon. My implants were 325cc silicone under the muscle. The surgery itself was very easy and I was home by noon. I had no bruising, minimal pain and swelling, and an incredibly speedy recovery. At day 4 I was completely off of painkillers. I looked and felt great! Dr. Corbett and his staff were very good at answering any and all questions that I had before and after surgery. I would recommend Dr. Corbett to anybody considering plastic surgery as he is definitely the best in town.

—Emily Ewing
UMBC Health Administration and Policy Program

After many years of feeling insecure and embarrassed, I finally made the decision with the encouragement from my husband to have my tubular breast deformity fixed through breast augmentation. I interviewed several plastic surgeons in the Louisville area and within the first minute of my consultation with Dr. Corbett, I knew he was my plastic surgeon. He was professional and treated me with the upmost respect and kindness. He answered all of my questions and made me feel confident that he could deliver the results I wanted. He was straight forward in what I needed to make my breasts look the best and even though I was nervous, he put my mind at ease and explained the procedures, which included a lift that would give me the results I desired. His staff was beyond what I could have ever hoped for and then more. I was always greeted with a smile and treated with kindness and professionalism. Misty is in one word, outstanding. She complements Dr. Corbett’s skills and talent with a way to make you feel at ease and is accessible to fill in any blanks before and after surgery. On the day of surgery, Dr. Corbett was the blessing I had waited years for and he made me comfortable and relaxed. The final result is the ultimate telling of a phenomenal plastic surgeon and my breasts look absolutely amazing! I knew that my tubular breasts would be a challenge and Dr. Corbett exceeded my every expectation. I have natural looking breasts that are symmetrical and natural shaped for the first time in my life and I could not be any happier. My only regret is not finding Dr. Corbett sooner.


Thank you so much! You performed Breast Augmintation on me almost 2 years ago and the results are fantastic. I am 100% more confident in myself. You are the best!

After considering breast augmentation for several months I had consultations with four Louisville surgeons. My husband and I chose Dr. Corbett for several reasons. First off, the office staff was warm and accommodating. Ellen was very reassuring during scheduling and consultations and made me feel very comfortable with the choices I was considering. During the consultation Dr. Corbett explained my choices and the risk involved, and made us feel comfortable with surgery option we chose. Since my surgery the healing has gone very well, the results are fantastic and both my husband and I love the results. I would highly recommended Dr. Corbett to anyone considering breast augmentation.



I researched and interviewed several surgeons for my procedure. I was scared and unsure when I started the process and Dr. Corbett made me feel comfortable and at ease. I did my homework and I found that I could have spent a lot more money for more "fluff" that I really didn’t need. I loved the honesty, sincerity and attention to detail that came with Dr. Corbett. He has a wonderful staff that truly cares. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself and I have no doubt I made the best choice for my surgeon I continue to have products and services at Corbett Cosmetic and I wouldn’t go anywhere else… Thank you Dr. Corbett.


I recently had a Breast Augmentation performed by Dr. Corbett. As a petite woman with a family history of breast cancer, I came in with many concerns, questions and apprehensions.  Dr. Corbett not only addressed all my concerns, but he made me feel comfortable and at ease.  Dr. Corbett and his staff are amazing. They take the time to address the concerns of every patient as a unique individual. They went above and beyond to ensure my expectations were exceeded from consultation to post-op follow-up. The surgery went wonderfully and results were even better than I anticipated – husband says best investment he ever made. More importantly, I love the outcome and wish I had done it years ago.  I have breasts that fit my small frame perfectly – what God didn’t give me, Dr. Corbett did. They look natural, are perfectly symmetrical, and just after 6 weeks, you can hardly see the incisions.  Dr. Corbett did a fabulous job and is truly skilled at what he does. I would certainly recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery, not only because of the professionalism and surgical skills, but because the entire experience made me feel like I was special – something I believe is a rarity. The focus is truly on each individual patient..a perfect fit for me!  Thank you Dr. Corbett and your entire staff for a wonderful experience!


"Getting my implants was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life.  I  feel so good about myself and have the confidence  to wear whatever I want now.  I would totally recommend getting the surgery, no regrets it’s changed my my life for the better. My breast are so beautiful , unless you know I had the procedure they look just like the real thing. 

Dr. Corbett  and his staff made me feel extremely comfortable and answered all my questions."

"Dr. Corbett,

Just wanted to say thank you for being here for me. I am and will be eternally grateful to you. I would not trade you for all the Plastic Surgeons in Louisville. I think the world of you, you are the best of the best!"

I was always concerned about the size of my breasts, never happy buying tops and not even gonna mention finding a bathing suit. I had my surgery 2 months ago and I could not be happier with my decision! I experienced minimal pain with the surgery and was back in the gym within a week. I have no regrets at all. My doctor and his team were amazing, they have went above and beyond from the consultation until post-op visits. I’m healing pretty nicely, no bruises, and I don’t need to say This has been a very exciting experience. I feel better about myself!

"Thank you for your email asking me about my experience with my Breast augmentation surgery. I had my surgery February  2009. I can honestly say that this is the best decision I have ever made when it comes to my body. For years I wanted to get implants but never thought I would, for many reasons, financial, kids.. looking back, I cannot help but wonder if I was just looking for reasons to not do it, I felt selfish I guess you could say.. then one day it hit me, this is something you think about daily… you have the money, just go for it!! So, I did, and I could not be happier!! I love the small stuff, like being able to buy “prettier” bras, feeling out tops that I wouldn’t dare buy before. It’s been worth every penny I have spent! I love my new breasts, I have something I never had before, and that’s a confidence that only someone with beautiful breasts can have!!  Thank you Dr. Corbett, Mari and Ellen for helping me make a dream come true for me!!

Best Wishes,


Dr Corbett is a fantastic doctor!  He always made me feel at ease and thoroughly explained the entire procedure to me.  At no time was I not clear about what was going on.  I have referred several friends to him and I would never consider going to another surgeon. Thanks Dr Corbett!

"I was very nervous but at the same time excited going into my first appointment. Once getting there everyone was very nice and welcoming. There was no waiting and I was taken right back. I had many questions and worries. During the consultation Dr. Corbett answered every question and concern my fiancé and I had. I then felt very knowledgeable and happy with my decision. After discussing everything I got to play around with the implants. I was able to try them on and see what size I wanted and how they looked. That was the fun part. It’s weird to see yourself with nothing and then with something but it was also when I realized this was definitely what I wanted. The girls there were very helpful and comforting. I scheduled my surgery and couldn’t wait.

Surgery day came and I was very excited. I barely slept the night before. Everyone at the surgery center was very nice and calming. They joked around with me and helped me feel as comfortable as possible. It was very sweet.

After surgery I was sore and stiff but nothing like I thought it was going to be. Dr. Corbett did an amazing job. I loves my new boobs. It’s defintely something I will never regret and cherish forever. I feel like a new person. I have a new sense of confidence. I would defintely recommend Dr. Corbett to everyone!"

I have contemplated breast surgery for some time. I felt extremely insecure with the small natural breast that I had. I did my homework on researching risk, consequences and doctors. I found that Dr Corbett and his staff were very friendly and helpful in helping me make my decision.  I was one of those that went in with a picture and said this is what I want to look like. Thru speaking with Dr. Corbett and him accessing my natural shape and size, Dr. Corbet was honest and upfront to what I can and cannot go with, to look naturally enhanced. I personally was not able to go as large as I first anticipated, due to the size and informalities that my natural breast had.

Dr Corbett’s staff was able to get me scheduled for surgery within a reasonable amount of time. Surgery and recovery was far better than I expected. I went from a 34 A size to a 34 C size and I am extremely happy with my results.  I feel better about myself not to mention look and feel more sexier than ever before. Now when I put on a tank top or bathing suit, I feel good about myself and don’t have the insecurity that I once had before. I have received numerous compliments from family and friends, that I look natural and that my breast enhancement goes great and is proportioned with my body structure.

I thank Dr. Corbett and his staff for the pleasant experience that I have received and for changing my life and giving me the self esteem that I strongly needed for myself.


When it comes to comparing plastic surgeons, there is no better way to learn about the patient experience they provide than by hearing from others who have experienced it firsthand. Over the years, Dr. Lee Corbett has built a reputation for excellence in cosmetic surgery, particularly breast surgery, by providing personalized care, advanced treatments and remarkable aesthetic results. The words of former patients are a testament to his professionalism and dedication. Read through the testimonials below to learn more about the experience you can expect under his care. Contact his practice at (502) 721-0330 to schedule a consultation for breast lift, breast implant revision or breast augmentation in Louisville.