Recovering from Breast Augmentation in Louisville

When you are a patient at Dr. Corbett’s practice, compassionate, professional care doesn’t end when you leave the operating room. Experienced breast surgeon Dr. Lee Corbett is committed to the long-term results of his patients. He is proud to provide thorough post-operative care to help ensure that his patients recover quickly and safely, and obtain the cosmetic results they have always desired. Learn more about recovering from breast surgery and contact Dr. Corbett’s practice today at (502)721-0330.

Recovering from Breast Surgery

Because no two patients or procedures are exactly alike, each recovery period is different. The length of recovery as well as the symptoms experienced can vary based on a number of factors, including the type of procedure that is performed. With most breast surgeries, including breast augmentation, implant revision and breast lift surgery, surgical dressings are used to cover the incisions and a sports bra is recommended to offer support to the breasts. Patients will experience minor pain, swelling and bruising in the days after the procedure. These symptoms subside on their own and can be alleviated with medication as prescribed by Dr. Corbett. It is important for patients to sleep on their back in the days after breast surgery. In addition, patients should walk around as soon as possible after the procedure to promote blood circulation and faster healing.

Scarring from breast augmentation is minimal, as many of the incisions are inconspicuous. Breast lift surgery typically requires more extensive incisions and may result in more visible scars. Dr. Corbett is committed to using the latest and least-invasive procedures to diminish the appearance of scars.

Most patients who undergo breast surgery can return to work and other routine activities within 7-10 days. Other activities, including exercise, should only be resumed upon Dr. Corbett’s discretion.

Follow-Up Care

Dr. Corbett provides professional, attentive care throughout every step of the plastic surgery experience, including during breast surgery recovery. In addition to providing thorough post-operative instructions, he schedules several follow-up appointments with his patients to monitor their recovery. During the first appointment Dr. Corbett’s nurse Lyzah, will remove any sutures that were placed. During all appointments Dr. Corbett and his team are able to answer questions or concerns about the recovery process.

The Results of Breast Surgery

Breast surgery, including breast augmentation and breast lift, is a comprehensive procedure that can dramatically enhance a patient’s appearance. While some results from breast surgery are visible immediately, the finally results of the procedure may not be evident for several weeks. After swelling has dissipated and the breasts have settled into their final position, many patients experience a renewed sense of confidence and are happy with their new, improved figure.

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Dr. Corbett and his experienced staff are dedicated to providing a high-quality plastic surgery experience from the initial consultation all the way through recovery. If you would like to learn more about what to expect during and after breast surgery, contact Dr. Corbett’s practice today at (502)721-0330.